Our Technologies

CNPITS Technologies

The Center for Nonprofit Information Technology Security utilizes a wide array of technologies strategically collected through vendors and additional outside collaborations with like-minded organizations that agree that in order to improve on the cyber security posture of the United States that everyone must play a part in facilitation of that security.”

The CNPITS has taken a security first mentality by paralleling cyber research programs and IT security services to national nonprofit and educational groups by setting up its own independent Security Operations Center. By collaborating with key security vendors the CNPITS has been able to implement a layered security approach while combining compliance practices such as the NIST Risk Management Framework 800-53/FIPS 199-LOW, DOD STIG’d Operating System images, Vulnerability scanning, Patch management, Continuous Monitoring systems, and IT security policies into a turn key solution by which we can quickly and dynamically deploy secure enclaves for each one of our participating members.

The Center for Nonprofit Information Technology Security is aiming to provide the central point resource for US based nonprofit and educational groups for cyber threat prevention, protection, compliance, event mitigation, and Disaster Recovery. Falling in line with The CNPITS mission goals this organization will strive to improve the overall cyber security posture of US based nonprofit and educational groups, seeking out to assist a majority of those organizations that do not have the funding, manpower, or technical capabilities to bring forth IT security and compliance to their organizations. We aim to develop long term relations just not with the 501C3 located throughout America, but additionally to foster those information sharing collaborations with our federal counterparts such as The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI infragard program.

The CNPITS will strive to provide a central resource for collecting data on cyber threats afflicting US based organizations to protect, defend, detect, respond, and recover from attacks on nonprofit Networks. The Central Security Operations Center for the CNPITS will have the capabilities to monitor 24 hours a day for warnings signs of potential or impending threats in real time through resource tools for Continuous Monitoring, dissemination of cyber threat warnings, vulnerability identification and mitigation, along with annual security awareness training for organizational staff to improve organizational “Computer Hygiene”.