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The Center for Nonprofit Information Technology Security is always looking for individuals whom are looking to assist in volunteering their time to further the mission, goals, and objectives of our nonprofit.

We are looking for interns with web development and blogging background experience that can help assist in developing content for our website related to cyber security and national policy issues.

Candidates are preferred to be out of high school, and attending college for information technology related curriculum. Have background in HTML, wordpress, and Macromedia development software.

Must have a passion for wanting to learn and understand more about national and international cyber security issues, interest in malware and viri, technology in general.

Current internship roles are unpaid, but do offer each candidate opportunity to work in a very flexible schedule. The ability to work from home. And the ability to work with new continuous monitoring software and technologies as well as a variety of server PC and network hardware. A good portion of the equipment and software that we currently utilize within organization is the same software and hardware that is used in enterprise level organizations and agencies.

Additionally, our management will be proactive in helping secure future information technology positions for our interns whom are looking to move off into their own security careers within the Washington DC area or throughout the United States.

Candidates need to be US citizens, with proper documentation to validate.

To Apply Please send your resume, 2 references, and, if you like, one or two examples of your work to the email address provided below:

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