About Us

About Our Organization.

The Center for Nonprofit Information Technology Security is a IRS tax exempt 501(c)(3) located in Ashburn Virginia. The CNPITS was created to implement “Grassroots” cyber security measures to assist in identifying, tracking and mitigating the constant cyber-attacks facing our nation’s nonprofit and educational groups.

The CNPITS identifies itself as the America’s only nonprofit dedicated to providing pro bono services to our nation’s nonprofit and educational groups in assisting in mitigating cyber threats through actual implementation of IT security technologies. Working with key vendors in the technology and IT security industry we’ve been able to partner with likeminded companies that identify themselves that the only way to mitigate threats and make the United States stronger is through industry partnerships.

The CNPITS focuses on key initiatives within US Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) and most recently the Presidential Executive Order 13636 by creating secure environments that nonprofit communities can rely on for their Information Technology assistance. The CNPITS takes a security first approach to working with nonprofit organizations by both providing secure environments to work within, but also providing cyber security training awareness programs and information to further educate the community.

The CNPITS aims to provide public assistance through our programs that assist in IT security and cyber research programs, providing secure technologies through our programs to help mitigate the following national issues:

  • Theft of Personally Identifiable Information
  • Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Theft of financial records and banking accounts
  • Organizations being used as “launching pads” for malware distribution and DDOS attacks
  • Loss of federal grants and donations due to lack of “organizational computer hygiene”
  • Provide security awareness and training programs that aim to educate employees and contributors to US based nonprofit and educational groups on the national issues about cyber security and why it is all our duty to be diligent and knowledge to protect each one of our organizations through good “Cyber Hygiene”
  • Provide assistance and participation in national STEM education programs
  • Identifying, collecting, and analyzing internet data in order to identify trending, industry metrics and cyber threats effecting small US based nonprofits and educational groups